HVAC Near Me

HVAC – your in-home climate control. This is your heating, cooling, and air purifying of your home. Many people know what AC is, it’s the HV that can cause some confusion. But that’s what we are here for. Clarification. We are a local, New Jersey based company. And what better way to introduce us than some of the awesome HVAC technicians and HVAC installers that we have.

HVAC tech Chris


Meet Chris, better knowns as “Big Chris” (we have 3 Chris’s at the moment). Service technician extraordinaire, and a local from Nutley. Chris is a great repair man, but his experience also helps folks with furnace replacement, questions about boiler installations, and AC repairs. If you have any questions Chris takes the time to make sure you know exactly what you need to know about your home comfort!

Customer Support Robin


Robin is our behind-the-scenes liaison and manages the awesome HVAC office team. She knows the ins and outs of all NJ HVAC service. If there is a part our technicians need, she can track it down. If you need something explained about your heating maintenance or how your HVAC system works, she is always ready to help! Not to mention she’s a local from West Milford!


Nick is our lead install technician. And as a father of 2 he knows how to keep things organized and get a job done. Need and HVAC replacement done? There isn’t a better HVAC contractor around. Nick has replaced furnaces, installed ductless units (mini splits systems), installed boilers, and AC installations. He also fabricates ductwork and has done countless other installs big and small. He’s a local from Hoboken!


Ruben, or “Ruby” by his friends, is the smiling whirlwind. Before Ruben joined the team in 2020 EAS didn’t realize that installing a hot water heater was an Olympic sport that Rubin has a Gold medal in. Ruben is a plumber by trade, so anything with water he is our man. Ruben is a local from Clifton!

HVAC tech


TJ is one of our newest team members, but he is a quick study. He is learning more about HVAC every day and can braise, solder, check wiring, wire smart thermostats (Ecobee, Nest, Google Home) as good as any senior technician. HVAC technicians are made, and TJ is going to be one of the best! Another NJ native from Little Ferry!


Tony, our newest service technician to the EAS team. A new dad, and Honda aficionado Tony loves the trade and fixing motors and machines is his specialty. Tony is mechanically inclined and is our go to for oil boilers, oil fired furnaces or anything that needs a repair. But better yet, Tony is the perfect HVAC technician to talk anyone through an HVAC problem. Tony is a local in Boonton!

Service Manager Christian


Christian is our Service Manager. Chris was an HVAC technician for years, and he was our wire guy before he became our technician’s tech support. Chris started out as an AC tune-up and furnace tune-up technician and grew into our top problem solver. He can still be seen in a truck from time to time, but mostly he is now in the office training our technicians to be the best in the business. Chris is another Nutley native!