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AC Repair Specialists Near Riverdale, NJ

There’s nothing like walking into your deliciously cool home after a stifling summer day in Riverdale, NJ. But what if you switch your AC on and there’s no cool air, or worse, the AC won’t switch on at all? All AC systems need to be repaired at some point, and when they do, there’s no one more experienced in AC repair than Efficient Air Service, your local contractor in Riverdale, NJ.

AC Repairs You Can Rely On

While the majority of AC units are generally reliable systems, you may be faced with the occasional problem every now and then. Luckily, we handle everything from minor issues to sudden system failure, for all makes and models of air conditioners. Whether you need to schedule a repair service for a ductless air conditioning unit, a heat pump, or a central air conditioning system, you can trust the skilled contractors at Efficient Air Service to handle it all. Our team prides itself on providing the prompt, skilled, and affordable AC repair services you need for restored comfort you can rely on.

Reliable, Local AC Repair Technicians

The job of an AC is to provide cold air to your home or space by removing humidity and heat from the air indoors. The AC transfers the unwanted heat outside and returns cool air to keep you comfortable. Whether you have an HVAC, which provides heating and cooling, or a mini-split AC, things will occasionally go wrong, and you’ll need a repair.

When your AC malfunctions, you need someone to fix it fast. Efficient Air Service is available 24/7 for AC emergencies. Your AC will usually show signs that it is struggling before it malfunctions completely. Look out for the following signs:

Noisy AC Unit

A properly functioning AC system makes a low humming noise when it is on. The sound comes from the motor and the air flowing through the ducts and vents. A mini-split system makes less noise than an HVAC system, which provides both heating and cooling. Even a mini-split can be heard when it is switched on and blowing out cool air. But there are some noises that indicate your system needs an AC repair:

  • Banging
  • Screeching
  • Knocking
  • Clinking

These noises mean that there are loose parts. Whistling or grinding noises indicate something more serious. All noises from your AC need to be inspected by a qualified technician.  

Leaking Fluids

Your AC uses refrigerant to cool your home. As it cools, it produces condensation. But neither condensation nor refrigerant should leak into your home. Water leaking inside your home can be caused by a faulty AC condensate. Any water pooling or leaks around the exterior AC unit are signs that the system isn’t running as it should, and it needs a local AC repair. Not only is your system at risk, but unrepaired leaks can also damage your property.

High Humidity

Your AC unit cools your house and reduces humidity. A rise in humidity while your AC is running could indicate a problem with the ductwork or the AC unit itself. 

Bad Smells

Your AC should not smell when it is running. At the start of the season, when you are first running the heating or cooling, there can be a dusty smell. This smell happens when an unused system has collected dust. When the AC is switched on, the dust will blow out, and the smell will dissipate in a couple of hours. If it does not, schedule an inspection with a technician.

A musty smell should always be investigated, as it may indicate that mold is growing in or around the system. Mold is a health hazard to anyone who breathes it in, so it will need to be checked immediately. 

A car exhaust smell can mean that there’s a leak in the refrigerant line. If this smell is emanating from your AC, switch it off, open the windows, and call for an immediate AC repair.

A burning or gunpowder smell requires an immediate inspection. Your AC has electrical components in it, such as circuit boards, fans, and compressors. If one of these components is burning, your AC will produce a burning smell. Switch off the AC immediately and call for a repair.

Cycling On and Off

Your AC thermostat tells the system which temperature you want it to maintain. The AC equipment runs fairly routinely to keep your home at the set temperature. Once it’s reached the desired temperature, it will switch off until there’s a fluctuation. At that point, it will switch back on until it reaches the desired temperature again. It is normal for your AC to cycle on and off occasionally to maintain the temperature. 

However, it is not normal for your AC system to cycle on and off constantly or switch off completely. If your thermostat is indicating a temperature that you know isn’t correct or switching on and off constantly, it will need a repair. 

Increased Energy Bills

Energy bills will increase as inflation increases, but a sudden spike in your power bill can indicate that your AC system is not running effectively. If you are suspicious that your AC is chewing up power, schedule a professional service repair with your local contractors at Efficient Air Service.

Insufficient Airflow

If you have low airflow, it can indicate that your system has a blockage, a clogged filter, or a broken motor. If you can feel that the air is cool near the vent, but there’s little airflow, you will need one of our AC technicians to check the motor and fan.

If the airflow is inconsistent throughout your home, and it’s cooler in one room than another, your AC technician will perform a thorough inspection and repair any damage.

Don’t Forget Routine Maintenance!

If you want to protect an investment as important as your air conditioning system, nothing is more important than scheduling regular maintenance services.

One of our top specialists will inspect and tune up your air conditioner to remove any signs of wear and tear that could develop into serious damage. It’s the easiest thing you can do to keep your air conditioner healthy for as long as possible.

Skip DIY! Call a Local Technician

It can be tempting to try to repair your AC on your own, but electrical components and water are not a good mix. Professionals have the knowledge and skill to deal with your AC system safely. Repairs attempted by anyone but qualified technicians can cause serious injury. Efficient Air Service will provide you with superior AC repair and professional service. You will have confidence that your system is running efficiently and safely.

Professional Contractors Serving Riverdale, NJ

Efficient Air Service has been looking after the heating and cooling needs of Riverdale, NJ, and neighboring community residents for over 15 years… and counting. We have vast experience to meet all of your heating and cooling needs. 

Our air conditioning services are available throughout Morris County and neighboring communities. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a local AC repair and maintenance specialist today! We promise to get the job done right at affordable rates.

As an active member of ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America), Efficient Air upholds the strictest standards of quality control during each home repair and maintenance service.

We employ a dedicated team of EPA- and NATE-certified contractors with extensive industry experience, who make your air conditioner’s performance and reliability their top priorities.

To ensure cost-effective solutions, we provide honest answers, knowledgeable recommendations, and home tips designed to best serve your long-term goals.

Whether you’re leaning towards a repair or a brand new air conditioning installation, we’ll work with you to achieve a satisfying and economic end result. 

Call on us anytime — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays— for emergency AC repair services across Kinnelon, Wayne, Riverdale, Montville, Franklin Lakes, Oakland, & Wyckoff, NJ. Efficient Air provides trusted solutions to even the most complex challenges.